Regulus Major Pen in Carbon Fiber with Rhodium & Black Titanium / #417

Regulus Major Pen in Carbon Fiber with Rhodium & Black Titanium / #417
Regulus Major Pen in Carbon Fiber with Rhodium & Black Titanium / #417
Regulus Major Pen in Carbon Fiber with Rhodium & Black Titanium / #417
Regulus Major Pen in Carbon Fiber with Rhodium & Black Titanium / #417
Regulus Major Pen in Carbon Fiber with Rhodium & Black Titanium / #417
Regulus Major Pen in Carbon Fiber with Rhodium & Black Titanium / #417
Regulus Major Pen in Carbon Fiber with Rhodium & Black Titanium / #417
Regulus Major Pen in Carbon Fiber with Rhodium & Black Titanium / #417
Regulus Major Pen in Carbon Fiber with Rhodium & Black Titanium / #417
Regulus Major Pen in Carbon Fiber with Rhodium & Black Titanium / #417
Regulus Major Pen in Carbon Fiber with Rhodium & Black Titanium / #417
Regulus Major Pen in Carbon Fiber with Rhodium & Black Titanium / #417

Regulus Major Pen in Carbon Fiber with Rhodium & Black Titanium / #417

Welcome To Cyber Space Pens. Regulus Major Series Fountain Pen in Carbon Fiber Casy In Acrylic.

With Rhodium & Black Titanium Nitride Hardware. This is a handmade fountain pen by Katie Manrique from the Regulus Major Series.

This is a larger version of the standard Regulus pen. The body of the pen is made from a beautiful Carbon Fiber cast in acrylic. The hardware on this pen is Rhodium and Black Titanium Nitride.

Rhodium is the premier finish for pen making because of its toughness, resistance to scratches and luster. Titanium Nitride is the second best finish so this is our best hardware. The Regulus Major series is a posted pen, meaning the cap will fit on the other end of the pen when the nib is exposed for writing. The NIB is a Iridium Point and is made in Germany. The pen is 5-3/4 long with the cap on.

With the cap posted for writing the pen is 6 & 13/16 long. The pen body diameter is 0.530" and cap diameter 0.585". Every handmade pen comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Because no two blanks are exactly the same, we roll the pen and take photos so that you can see what the pen looks like all the way around. Things you should know about hand made pens.

So that you may better understand the process involved in making a pen by hand the following information will explain the process. The blanks come in blocks approximately 3/4" X 3/4" X 5. Some smaller and some larger, and must put in a lathe and have a hole drilled to the proper size, trimmed to length, then a brass tube gets pressed into the blank to house the transmission.

Then back into the lathe to have the outside turned to accept all the hardware, then sealed and polished to achieve a quality finish. All of these procedures require very precise tolerances to be made.

A handmade pen from a craftsman's lathe is a real thing of beauty. You would not believe the weight and feel of these pens in contrast to production run pens. The beauty of these pens and the feel of them cannot be fully appreciated in pictures. When we sell these in a person-to-person environment they outsell other pens in their price group. We hope that you will enjoy these pens as much as we do. The hardware is put into kits so that all the parts work together to make the pen look good and function properly. A cheap transmission can ruin a good pen. Many kits look alike but are made by different companies, some are quality and some, not so much.

We will not use second rate kits to save a few bucks. These kits come in a variety of finishes and price ranges. There is painted hardware, gold colored, antique copper, chrome, brushed chrome, and satin chrome. Then there are precious metals like, 22ct. Gold, gold titanium nitride, black titanium nitride, rhodium and platinum.

These Precious metals make the pen more expensive obviously. We try to offer a wide variety of pens in a variety of price ranges so that we can have something to meets everyone's needs. There are hundreds of different acrylic blanks out there.

Some very simple, one solid color, and some blended colors. Yet that is just the tip of the ice berg. Many of them are 3D, have metallic finishes, colored threads, coffee beans, yes real coffee beans poured into the acrylic, turned and the sealed, crushed pearls (shells), and even 85% crushed stone (Like Turquoise) poured into the acrylic blank. Again, with a big price range and degree of work required to finish the blank. Wood blanks again come in all price ranges also.

The burl cuts offer more character and are the choice cuts in all species. With hundreds of spies available from Tropical woods like red palm pudak, and bloodwood, to Southeast Asian woods like Ambonya and Tamarind, as well as the more common woods there is a wide variety.

Then there are all of the dyed woods. These make fantastic looking pens because the dye sets different in each part of the wood and retains the grain structure and is then polished and sealed.

You can't find these in production pen. Then there are the exotic blanks that you normally would not think of. My personal pen is made of buffalo horn. There is also deer antler and get this, Dyed, stabilized Corn Cobs.

Don't laugh, they look cool. I guess pens can be made of about anything you can cut down and put in a wood lathe. Cyber Space Pens is proud to offer handmade pens from Katie Manrique. Katie and her husband are now living in Sebring Florida after Paul retired from Eielson A.

Paul is now teaching school and Katie is a nursing student. She has a love for pens as well as pen making.

She enjoys pen making and takes pride in her work. She spends extra time on them to make all the fits precise and the finish nice, and it shows in the finished product. There are cheaper handmade pens out there, we found many out there in our search but was not satisfied with the quality.

The handmade pens are heavier and have a more solid feel to them. If you pick one up you are hooked. We are your one stop Authorized Fisher Space Pen Dealer.

· We have the complete Fisher line of Pens, Refills, and Accessories. We are Authorized Dealers for Retro 51 Pens. We are offer Hand Made Pens from Katie Manrique.

We are an Authorized Sherpa Dealer, Sherpa your Sharpie. · We offer a line of custom engravable pen cases.

We offer Jac Zagoory Pewter Pen Holders. We are Dealers for Private Reserve Ink. · We can fill all your needs on Pens and Laser Engraving.

· Corporate and bulk orders are always welcome. · Laser engraving done here, typically with next day service. Please compare our prices with theirs.

Fisher Space Pen is not a sideline here, Fisher is our main line. If the total is not reflected at checkout, please request an invoice and we will adjust that for you. Refill Compatibility for this Pen.

This pen uses fountain pen ink and comes with a black ink cartridge. What Sets Us Apart From Our Competition. We think there are 5 things we do and 5 things we do not do.

& this is what sets us apart from our competition. None of our competitors live up to this list. Fisher Pens also have a lifetime guarantee. Anyone can sell a pen; customer service goes on after the sale. Our store listings feature our own photos; nothing is cut and copied from anyone elses listings and stock photography is used very sparingly. We put all the information we can in our listings to make it as clear as possible what we are offering and refill compatibility for every pen we offer. After all what good is a pen without the right refill? We offer engraving on all of the pens that are engravable with our laser system. And we do all our engraving ourselves so there is no waiting on third parties to get to it. Laser engraving gives superior crispness and clarity. A personalized pen turns a gift into a keepsake. We have earned our shooting star, and if you look at our total feedback you will see we have many loyal return customers. We have seen many sellers come and go and we are still here and expanding.

We reinvest in our business not only by adding quality pen lines, but premium services like Laser Engraving, Ink color and point preference change outs, and custom pen cases. We listen to our customers and are a company you can count on year after year. 5 Things we do not do. We do not hide who we are.

We are Cyber Space Pens, Owned by Larry & Katherine Grizzell. We feel that if everyone had to put their names on their listings it would change how they do business. We do not misquote MSRP or discounts. Many Manufacturers have minimum pricing policies. We comply with all the rules and believe in truthful listings, if we misquote anything please let us know.

We sell pens and pen accessories and handmade. We dont sell sporting goods, lighters, tanning lotions, DVDs, or electronics as our competitors do in addition to the Fisher line.

We believe Fisher Space Pen and Retro 51 are two of the best and most innovative pen lines available. We also sell one of a kind Hand Made Pens by Katie Manrique and Placid Crafts. Feedback: Our system is setup.

Now we are asking for the same. If we make a mistake in the order we will make it right.

Please leave all five star ratings for us when you leave feedback. If for any reason you feel that you cannot leave all five stars please let us know and we will do our best to correct the issue. This is a very high standard and requires attention to details and great customer service. We add as many details about the item as we can. We offer more information that anyone, anywhere.

Check the post date to see that we mailed on time. Engraving may add two days. The Place To Shop For Pens In Cyber Space. Thank You For Your Time. The item "Regulus Major Pen in Carbon Fiber with Rhodium & Black Titanium / #417" is in sale since Saturday, February 15, 2014.

This item is in the category "Collectibles\Pens & Writing Instruments\Pens\Fountain Pens\Handmade Pens". The seller is "cyber_space_pens" and is located in Lake Placid, Florida. This item can be shipped worldwide.
Regulus Major Pen in Carbon Fiber with Rhodium & Black Titanium / #417

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